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All businesses market themselves.
Some just do it better than others.

The following are the stories of some companies who had places to go, but needed some help to get there. Your needs are unique to your situation. Our goal is always to solve your issues, not to fit you into a mold of our making.

These case studies give some insight into the range of solutions possible.


The Situation: A brand new, online, international training organization needed effective marketing to overcome the fierce competition in their field. They identified their first need as having an effective brand. They wanted to position themselves as the best choice for training in the minds of their target market. They asked us to develop their complete brand

Our Response: As our client realised, branding is more than a logo. We worked with them to develop the look of all their communications. We analysed all of their needs and projected needs and developed everything from their logo and stationery, to their brochures, e-mails, fact sheets, website and even their sales correspondence.

The Result: Even though the client had limited capitalisation, it grew from $0 sales to over $1,000,000 in sales in just over 12 months.

Target Marketing

The Situation: The Canadian franchisee of a highly successful American total quality management consultancy was having difficulties reaching potential clients. Capstone was hired to help the company improve its marketing success

Our Response: A review of the company's target market, and prior marketing efforts, revealed the need for a new approach, image and materials.

A stronger logo treatment and new stationery were developed. A different approach to prospects was mapped out, and a targeted, high-impact brochure was produced. Attention grabbing sales letters, easily customized, were then written.

The Result: Within two weeks of the new campaign, they had succeeded in reaching, and booking meetings with, many of the prospects who had ignored them previously.

Corporate Identification

The Situation: A talented project management consultant was struggling in a field dominated by big firms with big salesforces. She was having limited success in getting through to decision makers.

Our Response: We looked at her target market, approach and materials. Her choice of target was sound, but her corporate image and materials failed to live up to minimum market expectations. They actively harmed her chances.

Capstone completely rebuilt her image, including a new company name. The next steps were stationery, sales letters and door-opening brochures.

The Result: Her billable hours increased tenfold.


The Situation: The Canadian manufacturer of an entertainment device for use in pubs and homes was struggling to reach its two primary target markets. The company was underfunded so could not afford a large direct mail or advertising campaign.

Our Response: Capstone created a single advertisement to build immediate sales as well as raise market awareness. After studying the industry and the target markets, Capstone determined which potential market was the best for this one-shot approach. We wrote, designed, illustrated and placed the ad for a limited run in the two magazines with the highest target readership.

The Result: The client experienced sales exceeding production and customer interest from as far afield as Belgium.

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